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exosolar: what have i done what
past is present was future blather
what have i done
thought in a flattened room
with slitted windows and
pulsing banners
of scarlet light
what was it

through those windows
a linear horizon close so close
that florid band i could touch if
i could touch

touch in this place a pustular
red sun as it circles
the horizon forever setting
what foul thing have i

done to be here
i slide the waste
into blacker black between
windows i hear it festering
in that impossible vacuum
i could see it in there if
i could see

asinine timeless stir
redundant liar imposter
fool i thought i should think
in coexistences
of that thing in this room
in the next room
the next

what have i done what
the light banners narrow
the void past sight loudens
low rumbling of a predator
deciding pacing deciding

what have i done